YPC token is launched on thesphynx.co 

Create, discover, collect, and sell NFTs

YoungParrot is a NFT marketplace on multichain. We will allow users to create an account, create collections, start uploading NFTs and sell/buy NFTs. The users can add any NFTs to the watchlist, share any NFTs to the social network, filter NFTs based on price and other attributes, etc.
YoungParrot NFT Collection - line
YoungParrot NFT Collection - parrot
YoungParrot NFT Collection

YoungParrotMember collection

YoungParrot will release a NFT Member collection of the parrot. YoungParrot Member collection will have 10K NFT items and 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.The benefits of holding YoungParrot Member NFT are:
  • ● Have great discount price for other launchpads.
  • ● Can stake to earn YPC or other tokens.
  • ● 50% discount for buyer and seller fees from 2.5% to 1.25%.
  • ● Have more chances to win as a voter at our Monthly contest.
YPC Token Allocations Structure

YPC Token Allocations Structure

Token address (Bitgert): 0x11203a00a9134Db8586381C4B2fca0816476b3FD

Max supply: 10 trillion

  • Public presale: 35%
  • Liquidity: 30%
  • Development & Marketing: 20%
  • Partnerships & Advisors: 15%

Tax fees

  • 3% fee for buying
  • 6% fee for selling

Breakdown tax fees

  • Development: 1% buying, 3% selling
  • Marketing: 1% buying, 2% selling
  • Burn manually per quarter: 0.5% buying, 0.5% selling
  • Staking: 0.5% buying, 0.5% selling
We will buyback YPC from 0.25% of the NFT seller and buyer fee until end of 2024. We will send those YPC token to dead wallet end of each quarter.Burn mechanism will start from Q3 2022. First burn will be on September 30th 2022.Additional, we will burn 50 billion YPC if our market cap reaches to 5 million, 10 million, and 50 million USD.
Staking YPC token to earn YoungParrot NFTs - branch
Staking YPC token to earn YoungParrot NFTs - parrot
Staking YPC token to earn YoungParrot NFTs

Staking YPC token to earn YoungParrot NFTs

YoungParrot allows the early investors to stake YPC token to earn 1 YoungParrot Member (YPM) NFTs every 2 weeks. This staking program requires the investors to have at least 5 billion YPC token. The investors can claim the YPM NFTs and sell them in our NFT Marketplace after we released our NFT Marketplace.This staking program will start at the beginning of Q1 2023 and end at the beginning of Q3 2023 for 6 months long.The staking fee: TBD
Note: After we recalculated the number based on presale price, our staking program will require at least 10 billions YPC instead. For the holders who already bought our token before April 2nd 2022 UTC time with at least 2 billions YPC, we will allow you to stake with 2 billions YPC.

YoungParrot Roadmap

Roadmap branch

Phase 1

Q1 2022 - Q3 2022

  • Whitepaper - v1.0
  • NFT Marketplace homepage
  • Public presale
  • Release YoungParrot Member collection
  • Nomics listing
  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • NFT Monthly contest
  • Release NFT Marketplace on Brise chain
  • Stake YPC to earn BRISE and YPC token
  • Release NFT launchpad on Brise chain

Phase 2

Q4 2022 - Q2 2023

  • NFT graphic designer and contract writer services
  • Build better marketplace to support multi-chain
  • Stake YPC to earn the YoungParrot Member NFTs
  • Release NFT staking pools on Brise chain for the creators
  • Release NFT launchpad for other chains
  • Support other chains for marketplace
  • Release NFT staking pools on other chains for the creators
  • Marketing campaigns #1

Phase 3

Q3 2023 - Q1 2024

  • Mint NFTs with YPC token
  • NFT Marketplace Analytic Tools on Brise chain
  • Release NFT launchpad for additional chains
  • Support additional chains for marketplace
  • Support more wallets
  • Marketing campaigns #2
  • Contract Audited
  • Release YoungParrot VIP Member collection
  • Additional CEX Listing
  • Whitepaper - v2.0

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